MBA Programs

MBA as it is understood is a professional course, and is widely known as finishing school. Apart from the University curriculum we would adding practical learning to the program.

MBA (Regular)

A 2 year regular MBA Program, designed ideally for fresh graduates who wish to pursue their career in management. The MBA degree is awarded by MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology), the leading State Government funded university. The regular MBA program is designed in alignment and with participation of the Industries. With a focused core group of only 120 students, IMSBS endeavours to prepare the ‘Next- Gen Managers’ with in-depth knowledge of Industry 4.0.

The course consists of a Core Curriculum and a Summer Internship (compulsory industry training between first and second year).

The first year is committed to developing business fundamentals through compulsory courses spanning the areas of economics, finance, marketing, operations, systems and organizational behavior. The second year offers a number of specializations ensuring that a student never makes a compromise with his/her desired area of pursuit.

To acclimatise the fresh graduates in the nuances of corporate management, IMSBS has integrated multiple intervention points with the industries as shown in the diagram.

Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm

MBA for Executives

The MBA program for executives conducted by IMSBS, is a course in which the delivery is in the executive mode (weekends only- Saturday& Sunday classes) but the degree received is a regular MBA degree from MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology), the leading State Government funded university. The course is designed for the working executives with 2 to 10 years’ experience who aspire the next level career growth. The course is a blend of academic learning and real-time problem-solving sessions that can be implemented in the student’s current work environment.

The course would also work as a catalyst to students who are looking for a horizontal change in their career across domains or industries. The strong course structure of MAKAUT and IMSBS would equip the students in reactivating the process of academic understanding. While case discussions would enrich the practical experience of unraveling real life business puzzles, informal discussions on varied topics from thoughtfully chosen adjunct readings would broaden individual perspectives. Six certification programs with a specific target to upskill and upgrade, would enable the students to overcome the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Available Full Time MBA Specialisations (Regular & Executive)

MBA in Marketing

If you have the creative and strategic mind-set for marketing, you’ll want to develop a solid skill set to back it up. An MBA with a Specialisation in Marketing can give you a serious edge in your career. This degree will provide you with a solid grasp of business fundamentals, along with specific skills related to marketing and you’ll be eligible for high- level positions in the Industry.

You’ll learn through reading up on marketing principles, conducting case studies, completing projects, and hearing real-world insights from professors and guest lecturers from marketing backgrounds.

MBA in Human Resources

No organization can get very far without consideration for its human capital. MBA with a specialisation in Human Resources are some of the most trusted Post-graduate degree programs within large organizations. Human resources professionals can rise to upper management, and many CEO’s even come from a human resources background.

Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door as a human resources specialist, or looking to advance beyond the program level, MBAs are one of the most commonly held and well-vetted graduate degrees for business professionals across roles.

MBA in Finance

A Finance MBA–that is, an MBA degree program with a Finance specialization–is a program for students who wish to pursue a bold and rewarding career in various business industries. Due to the highly competitive nature business world, a Finance-specialized MBA would give one an edge over other aspiring professionals.

Finance MBAs can prepare you for a wide range of roles in and beyond finance. From low-level managerial positions through the C-Suite, MBAs have a time-tested appeal in a variety of organization types. When it comes to perhaps the most influential discipline driving it all, finance has to top the list.

MBA in Operations

A concentration in operations is a well thought off and need of the hour addition to MBA. This multidisciplinary specialization is designed to give students a broad understanding of the components necessary to management. Topics like supply chain management, customer service, logistics, and human resources are covered in this program with an operations emphasis. Students benefit from educators who have built a curriculum consisting of solid business theory and relevant application.

Students who are ready to take their careers to new heights will do well to consider an MBA in Finance which would degree would open many doors in business leadership.

There will be plenty of job opportunities tied to this degree and organizations will be looking for competent operations managers for years to come.


With the vertiginous rise of connectivity and digitally-enabled organizations, so too comes a rise in the need for talented individuals to manage information systems. Management Information Systems build off of the backs of more technical disciplines to study ways in which information systems can be leveraged to accomplish organizational goals.

An MBA in Management Information Systems is firmly situated between technical and business disciplines. Students would learn how to utilize technologies, with a focus on what organizational and human-centered outcomes the technology provides. MIS degrees are more focused on choosing the right tool, organizing teams around technology use, and ensuring the right information systems are augmenting the right team in their work.

MBA in Business Analytics

Business analytics requires technical skill, strategic thinking, and business acumen to turn data into insights and insights into business decisions. If you have an analytic mindset, a flair for statistics, and business savvy, you may be interested in tapping into this challenging and in-demand field. An MBA in business analytics is an ideal way to launch your business analytics career, particularly if your primary interest is in the applied aspects of the field- namely, guiding business practices through data-driven decision-making.

That means that when you graduate, you’ll be a Business Administration professional first and foremost, but with an enhanced understanding of Data Analytics Tools, and how to leverage data insights to make business decisions.

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